Where It All Began

The Story Behind YX Monthly

As an artist, there are a lot of moments in life that change your perspective, and shape your creative expression. I am a storytelling artist - I love to use photo, music, and video to create an immersive piece of art that I hope will inspire others to reflect on life and the importance of slowing down, and showing appreciation. 

Why "YX"?

The name of my shop, Alyxir, is meant to be similar to the word "Elixir". Art is my therapy. In good times and bad, I find that creating these pieces helps to quiet my anxieties and ease my mind. And it means so much more to be able to share my work with other people who find the same enjoyment that I find in crafting.

My middle name has (what I think is) a pretty unique spelling, and I present my art under my full name, Amanda Alyise. So that's where I got the "A-L-Y" spelling. And because of everything this brand stands for, being a remedy and elixir for both myself and others, I thought of the "YX" as kind of my take on the traditional "RX" prescription symbol. So that played heavily into my logo design. 

The Next Chapter

I am excited to be able to share a new monthly subscription available exclusively in my shop. Every month I'll create new artworks, inspired by life events, meaningful moments, beautiful sights, or just daydreaming and fantasy. Each artwork will be accompanied by a story - written on the back of each card, which is then personalized and mailed, along with a little die cut sticker that ties in to the tale.


You'll also have exclusive access to a members only Discord where every month I will host live streams, share behind the scenes footage, and give you an exclusive look at the next month's card!


You can unsubscribe at any time.

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