A Monthly Art Subscription

YX Monthly

What is it?

YX Monthly is an Art Postcard Subscription. Each month, I create new wood burnings and transform them into postcards and die cut stickers. Every burning tells a story, and the postcard has the narrative printed on the back.

Learn about Where It All Began - why it's called YX Monthly, and the mission I hope to accomplish with my Art Postcard Subscription Club.

What You Receive Each Month:

New Tier Added!

For those who don’t want the art print each month, I’ve introduced a lower cost tier for discord access and digital downloads.


($5 per month)
Tier 1 Includes:
•  Access to a Members Only Discord server
where I host monthly wood burning live streams and post updates
and pictures of the upcoming month's postcard.
•  Digital Downloads & Community Art Projects 
each month I'll send you a little design we can
work on together during a live stream
•  Exclusive Discounts 
for products in my shop

($15 per month - FREE shipping)
Tier 2 Includes:
All of the perks from "Tier 1" PLUS
•  One (1) Personalized & Signed Postcard
•  One (1) Die Cut Sticker
•  "Milestone Tokens" 
exclusive wood burned coins handmade to celebrate
new & ongoing memberships

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